Phimosis Home Treatment

Phimosis is a medical condition in which the foreskin of the male sexual organ is unusually tight. This causes varying degrees of difficulty in retracting the foreskin from the glans or the head of the penis. While the causes of such a condition may vary from person to person, most sufferers are simply born with an excessively tight foreskin.Phimosis Home Treatment The good news is that phimosis can be treated quite easily with simple surgical procedures, and there are even a number of phimosis home treatment methods that may prove effective. Since the condition can cause a significant amount of discomfort, patients suffering from phimosis should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Most treatment methods for phimosis involve enlarging the opening of the foreskin. Some phimosis home treatment methods involve the use of steroidal creams, which should be applied directly onto the foreskin. Although these creams can be quite effective, it may take anywhere from a few months to even a year for the opening in the foreskin to stretch sufficiently in order to allow the full retraction of the foreskin from the glans.

Phimosis Home TreatmentIn many cases of phimosis, simply stretching the foreskin by physical means may be all the treatment that is necessary. If you opt for this phimosis home treatment method, there are any ways by which you can enlarge the opening of the foreskin. Keep in mind that the foreskin is very sensitive (as you probably already know), and stretching the skin beyond the normal limits may cause irritation or even tears in the skin. In order to prevent this–and potentially more serious problems–it would be a good idea to stretch the skin well before the point of discomfort. As the skin becomes used to the stretching, you may increase the stretching incrementally until the opening has stretched to your satisfaction.