Sciatica Home Treatment

Sciatica is a painful condition that will often require professional medical treatment, although some cases may respond favorably to home treatment. In fact, when combined with exercise and first aid procedures, sciatica home treatment may effectively ease many of the symptoms of the condition, and possibly even hasten the healing process.

Sciatica Home TreatmentAs with many home treatment procedures, both cold and hot packs can be quite effective at easing many of the more painful symptoms of sciatica. They can even be used one after the other as part of a more comprehensive sciatica home treatment program. The first step is to apply an ice pack to the affected area in order to reduce inflammation and to reduce the pain in the sciatic nerve. This will help you get over the most painful stage of sciatica, and allow you to proceed to the next step. After the ice application, you can then use a hot compress and again apply it to the affected area in order to dilate the blood vessels and enhance blood flow away from the site. This will also encourage the flow of oxygen into the area and help hasten the healing process of the affected tissues. Limiting difficult movements such as bending and lifting heavy objects is a must. Sitting in a soft but low chair must also be avoided. Lying on your back with a pillow under the knees can help keep your back straight and limit the pain.

Sciatica Home TreatmentYou may also experience a considerable degree of relief by stretching the appropriate muscles. Much of the pain associated with sciatica occurs in and around what is known as the Piriformis muscle, which is located right alongside the sciatic nerve. By performing regular stretching exercises that target this precise muscle, you may find that the pain and discomfort will be reduced significantly. There are over the counter medications such as pain relievers that can be taken if the pain is too severe. Usually most pain relievers are safe but it wouldn’t hurt to check if there are cases of allergic reactions and if one is currently pregnant. Asking the doctor for the right pain killer is a must you fall on either.

Getting a regular exercise may sometime sound wrong especially if one is experiencing pain. However, regular exercise is said to be one of the best ways to fight chronic discomfort. The body’s regular painkillers, called Endorphins are released through sustained exercise and they are better than the over the counter medications taken. Stationary bicycle is recommended as it makes the body stay active without worsening your case. Although sciatica home treatment is often a viable alternative to the use of pain medication, more severe cases or pain that does not go away may require professional medical intervention. If the condition does not improve in spite of your best efforts, you may have to see a doctor to seek alternative courses of action. Also, regarding exercise, it is best to ask your doctor for a safe exercise program that will improve coping in pain and keeping the body fit. Your doctor might recommend a certified personal trainer or a physical therapist.