Tooth Abscess Home Treatment

An abscessed tooth can be a very painful condition that is often caused by the buildup of pus in and around the tissues surrounding the tooth. Although professional dental care is often necessary in order to treat the condition completely, you may experience a considerable degree of relief by implementing any one of the many tooth abscess home treatment methods available. At the very least, home treatment will help reduce discomfort while giving the condition sufficient time to heal via medical courses of action.

Tooth Abscess Home TreatmentIce application is one of the most commonly implemented home remedies for a wide and varied array of conditions, and it may prove to be an effective tooth abscess home treatment aid as well. For easing the pain and reducing the swelling brought about by a tooth abscess, try applying a cold compress onto the affected area for 20 minutes at a time. This procedure can be repeated as often as necessary in order to reduce pain throughout the day. The tooth abscess is numbed because of the coldness but it will not necessarily make the pain go away permanently. The pain will only be reduced very little at a time but still, getting comfort even for just a little while can make a tooth abscess sufferer better.

You may also experience favorable results by gargling with a lukewarm saline solution. This solution will have the effect of relaxing the oral cavity, while the salt will help control the growth of bacteria in the mouth due to its antiseptic properties. Keep in mind that if the abscess ruptures, you will have to spit out the pus and blood that comes out and avoid swallowing it as it will contain large amounts of bacteria that can cause potential health problems. Prevention is better than cure however and one must consider maintaining a proper oral hygiene. This will prevent getting tooth abscess in the future and current sufferers who change their dental hygiene for the better will find that the toothache and the swelling of the gums will be better.

Tooth Abscess Home TreatmentAlso, a teabag sprinkled with common table salt may also help hasten the healing of the infection. This tooth abscess home treatment procedure involves placing the teabag directly on the abscess, and leaving it inside the mouth for several hours. This will have the effect of drawing out the infection and make the healing process go by much quicker. Mixing ¼ teaspoon of Potassium Carbonate in ½ glass of water can be used as a mouthwash solution. This will disinfect the tooth abscess because it is a type of an alkaline solution. Using it three to four times a day will also reduce the pain in a few hours. If the pain is so severe, one can take antibiotics but a sufferer must find out if the type of medicine is appropriate. For example, a person might be pregnant or has allergic reaction to certain type of medicines. These are over the counter meds that can be easily bought by anyone.